Job search crisis I had in Germany

March 10, 2023

job search crisis in germany

As some of you know, I just revamped my blog updating everything like the about page, etc. and was pretty surprised to see how much things have changed.

The change feels like HUGE because I've taken a break from this blog while working 2 full-time internships for the past 6 months and I haven't reflected on my progress internally until recently in February.

Since career has been one of the biggest area I've been working for the past 6 months, I'm going to write about top 3 job search crisis I had since I first moved to Germany. The good news is that I don’t have such crisis anymore and I’ve learned my lessons but by writing this, I want you to know that struggling in your first few months looking for a job is normal and if you persevere, you’ll have so many opportunities after you first job in Germany.

#1 Job search crisis: Getting ghosted after a job offer

This one was when I was looking for my first internship in Germany in late 2021/early 2022 when I just moved to Germany. I applied for an internship at this company because I thought what they are doing is really cool and also they are pretty good at what they do. I applied, did an interview, and another interview, and was offered the job, only to be ghosted in the following weeks. As naïve as I was, I didn’t apply for any other jobs or go for other interviews as soon as I had the verbal offer from the founder (as it was a startup).

I tried calling and emailing them, to which nobody responded but I got an email apology WAAAY later that my emails went to the founder’s spam so they thought I wasn’t interested in the role anymore. I mean… scheis excuse I’d say hahaha

Ironically, I was a customer of this company which left me a bitter feeling… Moral of the story is, if things like this happens to you, just move on and don’t be stressed. My experience with this is that they’ll probably reach out to you at one point if they need you or will send you a rejection months later when you have already forgotten about them.

Another thing to be safe is that even if a company offers you a job, don’t stop interviewing for other roles unless you have a written and signed offer.

expatrio job search crisis

#2 Interview getting cancelled 30 minute before the interview WITH AN AUTOMATED REJECTION EMAIL

This one is pretty straightforward. I applied for an internship and had the interview scheduled only to get a automated cancellation email last minute. What was shocking was that the interviewer didn’t even write an email apologizing for cancelling the interview last minute or explaining the situation, I simply got the automated, “the position already got filled email”.

This one happened after the #1 incident above so I didn’t even bother with it and move on. Honestly, the best thing to do in these situation is to just move on and not spend a second thinking about what has happened.

heyjobs rejection email

#3 Job search crisis: 1000 Euros per month offer in Munich

Omg. This one, I understand. I don’t think its anybody’s fault than the company’s policy. I was offered an internship at a good company with a role I’m really interested in, only to realize the monthly wage is 1000 Euros and I need to move to Munich to work. The manager was nice to connect me with other interns who live in Munich but in the end, I just couldn’t see myself moving to a new (and such expensive) city for a 3 months internship so didn’t take the offer.

I hope these stories resonate with you if you are struggling during your first couple job search in Germany. It sure isn’t easy but I promise you it gets better as you have more professional experience under your belt!

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