Home remedies when you caught a cold in Germany

April 6, 2023

I got so sick since beginning of this month and wasn’t able to go anywhere except for going to the groceries two times. It’s Sunday evening now and I’m feeling so so much better. In this post, I’ll share some cold remedies you can follow if you catch a cold while studying abroad in Germany.

1. Stay hydrated

First of all, make sure to stay hydrated. It’s number 1 thing to keep in mind! You can add some honey or ginger to the glass of water to add some extra taste and nutrient.

If you have a sore throat, you can try this tea called hals und rachen tee from the brand Bad Heilbrunner, which you can buy from any groceries like Edeka.

I like to take some vitamin C when I have a cold to shorten the duration of the cold. You can buy stick powder for this, with various flavors like lemon or elderberry at the groceries as well.

holunder tea
throat tea

2. Take some throat candies or dolo-dobendan for a sore throat

If you have sore throat, you should definitely go to the pharmacy or the doctor to ask for some medications. I found that taking some throat candies or dolo-dobendan help a lot.


3. Nasal spray can help if your nose is congested

I got one from a brand ratiopharm and it’s called the Nasen Spray in German. I got it after my boyfriend recommended it to me and found it soo good. Although stuffy nose technically doesn’t hurt but it can be so annoying so I think its better to drop by a pharmacy and get one.

nose spray

4. Add moisture to the air

If you don’t have a humidifier, you can boil a pot of water and put it next to you so that it can be easily absorbed by air around you. Hydration is key!

5. Take a bath

Taking a warm bath not only feels good but can actually help you relieve the cold symptoms especially when you soak your chest in the water. Not only that, it helps to breath in some hot air and relax when your nose is congested and your muscles ache.

For those with a student budget like me, German groceries or DM or Rossman have plenty of affordable bath products option. My favorite is the one below here.


6. Cancel all plans and take some rest!

Curl up with a cozy blanket and grab a book or sleep for the entire day if you can. I spent the last couple days listening to podcasts, re-reading some of my favorite books and sleeping for 10+ hours and I feel so much better.


Hope these tips help you get through the cold season! Stay healthy!

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